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Paris and Bruges

I recently spent 10 days travelling around Paris and Bruges with one of my friends Abi.


I have been to Paris a few times before, but always love going back. We did a lot of the main tourist sites but also explored some parts I have never been to before. We went further south of the river from the latin quarter and found the catacombs which are underground and hold the remains of around 6 million people, very spooky!

Paris Food

Paris Sites

I had never been in the Opera House and so when we walked in I was instantly drawn to the stunning architecture and intricate paintings within the building. After previous visits to Paris I had always tried to get into Musee D’orsay but each time failed as it was always incredibly busy, we finally managed to get and saw the art within. They had a small Van Gogh exhibition on with a lot of his pieces that I had not seen before.

We spent 2 of our days in Paris travelling just out of the city centre to Versailles one day which is beautiful its one place I had never been to before and well worth a visit. The palace is stunning inside and the gardens are lovely to walk around on a sunny day which we had.

We also travelled out to Disney Land and spent the day there acting like children again on the rides. We made the most of it and went into both parks the Walt Disney Studios and the Disneyland Park itself. It was a nice break from all the site seeing.

Paris Art

Paris is such a creative city, and inspires me to create more designs of my own. Like most cities if you wonder off from the main tourist sites you can always find some really different quirky work.



This was my first visit to Bruges and my first impression was its such a pretty city with very friends people and great food and drinks. We tried to do as many of the sites as possible and going up the 366 steps of the Belltower is really worth it, you get a fabulous view over the city. We also went on a boat tour along the canals and hired bikes which are both great way to see more parts of Bruges.

INC : Screenprinting

Saturday 8th march : I ran a Screenprinting workshop with the help of Double Elephant who run workshops in Exeter. They came to INC and taught our 4 customers signed up on the workshop how to screen print using simple template techniques, they went away with many of their own designs all very please with the work they achieved as for some it was the first time they had ever screenprinted. It reminded me of the many times I did it at uni.

Pure London

Yesterday I travelled to London to meet up with my auntie Babs and her business partner Aneta to go to Pure London Trade show to purchase new products for her shop BE Lifestyle Boutique in Manchester. It was at Olympia London, there was so much to see I could have spent many more hours buying beautiful things for her lovely boutique. We came away very please with all the purchases that will be in her shop later this year.

Check out : http://www.facebook.com/BeLifestyleBoutique?ref=br_tf


INC Exmouth : Creative Workshop Organiser position

Earlier in the year I went into INC Exmouth as I had not been in before and was drawn in by the designs and products in the window. I ended up talking to the lovely owner Emma about her shop and the craft and design work she sells, thinking that it may be a possibility to one day have my own work in there.

Recently she contacted me asking if I would be interested in working with her on a saturday to run her creative workshops. I jumped at the chance and had my first day there exploring the stock and learning to use the till and working out what sort of workshops I will be running. I love it and can’t wait to run all the future workshops…