I am Katie, born in London, a citizen of the world. From pampers to silks I have grown up in a restless family who after just a few months transported me to the Far East. My early years of round-eyed wonder were spent surrounded by the extraordinary beautiful colours and designs of oriental artistry. A lightness of touch and depth of colour somehow seemed to show the simplicity of the artists lifestyles and at times, the poverty of their surroundings. When in my early teens I looked more closely at the European masters I came to understand more deeply how the environment has shaped the idea and how their subject matter and execution reflected the mood of the moment.

The aesthetics of design were imprinted within me from the moment I chose my first pair of silk pyjamas from a market stall in Hong Kong. The delicate lines of the butterflies and humming bird contrasting with the boldness of the blue, a reflection of the serene ideological landscape the designer had conjured. The design on my pyjamas helped me to understand their world.

From Bangkok to Seoul, Sydney to Singapore, China to Botswana, LA to Marrakech, Paris and Venice, I’ve been immersed in a world of creativity and am determined to place my stamp on it.

My passion for fashion in different cultures was born and developed when living in various countries where i was able to receive and wear their national dress which helped me to understand distinct loves of colour and textiles around the world. From as young as 3 years old i was given a Hanbok in Seoul which shows a highly effective expression of Korea dress. I was amazed by the deep impression the characteristics of the vibrant colours on the dress made on me. In each country i’ve explored i’ve been able to understand their land through their clothes. I recently traveled to Namibia to help with volunteer work, where i was able to meet some Herero women, who showed us their tribal dress and view their distinctive headdresses they made with two points on which i understood to symbolise cattle horns.

My recent designs have proven my in depth research qualities and my skills at recycling plain materials into a modern exciting design.

My fashion will be inspired by the zeitgeist of today; a sensitive hybrid which weaves modern thinking into natures own designs.