Octopuses Garden

My experiences of traveling the world since a young age, have provided me with a rich source of inspiration for my work. I’m drawn to the beauty of the natural world and the patterns within it. I find oceans give me a sense of peace; the sea is a place to escape to, full of unknown mysteries and treasures.

Designing this collection was a way to portray the lifelong love and fascination I have for the sea and the underwater Eden of Oceans embracing our world. I decided to call my collection ‘Octopuses Garden’ after the Beatles song of the same name. It conjures up memories of past experiences, places, colours and sounds. My research, drawing and experimentation with techniques and processes has led me to create my digital textile designs for exclusive interiors.

I envisage my designs being used on products on board luxury yachts and ocean cruise liners. Within my collection I have embraced the aesthetics and intense beauty of our marine environments in all its temperaments, textures and forms and expressed it in a timeless style on natural fabrics that will stand the test of time sustainably.



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Textile Degree Show

collection 4 200pix



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